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RSA Security Algorithm is responsible for keeping your sensitive data online safe.

Brute Force Break: Performs a trial decryption on the encryption for every possible key. This technique is slow and takes extreme amounts of time. In addition, the bit of the key directly effects the time required to crack.

Cryptographic Break: Is anything faster than brute force, and usually works from understanding how the encryption is encoded, then working backwards from the key but requires advanced math and software coding skills.

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Protecting Yourself from Hackers on Windows 7/8

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Windows have never been know for security, so it’s best to switch to linux if you are worried.

PC: A Personal Computer (Not a Server, Workstation or Mac)

Firewall: Hardware or Software running in the background to prevent unauthorized access to your computer from the network.

Antivirus: Scans for viruses and deletes them, that’s it.

Security Suite: Contains an antivirus, firewall and passive protection looking for virus or virus like activity.

Safety Tip (Optional) – Install Linux Skip all Other Steps

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Packet Sniffing | Type 3

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IPv6 and WP2 Wireless encryption have made it really hard to hack modern networks

Live/Persistent: a mode that an operating system can be in where it can be booted from a non-permanent device on a machine such as a CD or in the case of persistent mode where it is booted from a USB drive and can be edited.

Aircrack-ng: software executed in a terminal on Linux to allow users to hack into surrounding wireless networks.

Skid: a person that uses technology pretending they know how to use it but don’t really know how, basically a slightly more professional way to say a noob.

Type 3 packet sniffing: black hat/wireless cracking, is the most commonly abused category of all packet sniffing types because it’s the easiest to do, and is the most useful I think.  I  recommend you read the previous posts on packet sniffing before continuing.

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Packet Sniffing | Type 2

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SSL Was Orignaly Created for Netscape(a Really old WebBrowser)

Encrypted Files: Files converted to data that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people use algorithms and other processes.

SSL (HTTPS): Acronym for Secure Sockets Layers is a nationally adopted standard security technology used to encrypt online traffic.

There are 3 Categories of Packets sniffing, this post will be focusing on type 2: Black Hat/ Encrypted data. If you haven’t already read my post on type 1 packet sniffing I recommend you do so now.

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Packet Sniffing | Type 1

WiresShark Tool
Wireshark, a Popular Choice For Packet Sniffing Software.

Network packets: Data that is split into chunks (packets) sent between your computer and a router containing all the data you receive and send out.

Packet capture: The act of downloading packets to read them as plain text.

Packet Sniffing: The use of software to download and capture many or all packets being transferred over a network, usually to find sensitive data such as passwords and credit card information on public networks.

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Internet Password Cracking Tutorial

Password Cracking Tutorial

Internet Pass Cracking with PHP is possible because of the function Curl provided by Crackers Unite

PHP: Server side scripting language that runs before your html or JavaScript on a website, usually but not limited to submitting/gathering information from/to a database. This is the language I used to make my Internet Pass Cracking script in the tutorial below.

External PHP Extension (EPE):  A universal PHP library/script able to run on different server usually with an API to allow for more usage or to counteract incompatibles with server.

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I was reading about wordpress the other day and I cam Across an Article on exploit-db and found that the get_terms() filter declared in the wp-includes/taxonomy.php file
does not properly validate user input, allowing an attacker with
“Editor” privileges to inject arbitrary SQL commands in the “orderby”
and “order” parameters passed as array members to the vulnerable filter
when sorting for example link categories.

injection]&order=[SQL injection]