How they Hack your Minecraft Account

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Users That sign up to Minecraft in early alpha stages got Minecraft for free.

The process of obtaining your account username and password and tips to protect them may, be applicable to other online games and accounts but in this post, I will be focusing specifically on Minecraft accounts.

If you want to know how to hack minecraft account go to this post:

Phishing: When someone or something (a website)attempts to obtain your personal information including usernames, common passwords, date of birth and your email for malicious activities.


How would they hack your account?

Technically some of these procedures are not considered hacking by definition.


When your account is hacked by phishing methods, in the end it is your fault. The only way a hacker could get the information required to excess your account you must have done 2 things wrong register up to Phishing website which are most of time pretty obvious to spot and used the same username, password, email and/or security questions.

Brute Force

When your account is hacked by brute force methods, the hacker required either information about your password and/or access to a backdoor login that does no limit you to number of password attempts. If someone sees you type your password and sees some of the keys you pressed, they could compromise the security of your account drastically. You can protect yourself from these types of attacks my just using good password (10 or more characters long, letters, numbers and symbols).

Known Exploits

Through Minecraft’s history, there have been a couple of exploits on their server and in mine craft code that have aloud hackers to login in to other peoples accounts with out there password. That I know of at the time of this post all exploits of been patched.

How do I protect my Self?

Just as a recap do not login/sign up to suspicions looking websites, don’t use the same username and password for everything and the password that you do use make secure so they’re not easily guessed brute forced.

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