Hack Bots | How do they Work?

Hack Bots On Cloud

Hack bots run dedicated servers on the cloud to use there powerful network speed.

Hack Bots are messing websites up all over the web using known exploits. Before time and dedication went into hacking a website but now computer running large hack bot algorthyms are search for websites that forgot to update there CMS.

Hack/Exploit Bot: is a computer program that automatically scans the internet for websites containing known exploits.

GSL (Google Search Leaching): using Google to scan for websites with a certain attribute for example search for websites using word press.

How Hack Bots Work

Hack bots can be extremely complex using algorithms with hundreds of conditions but most can be simplified to 2-3 steps.

Step 1: Finding a Site that Might Contain an Exploit | Almost all hack bots use GSL methods to find websites with known exploits. For example, searching inurl:”wp-login.php” would display a query of word press websites.

Step 1-2: Finding/Identifying an Exploit | The first step can occasionally be skipped by using GSL methods to directly find an exploit on a site. However, most of time the hack bot will scan the website to identify the version of CMS and plugins. Then consult a list of known exploits and search for the exact CMS version and plugin. Most websites do not contain easily hack-able exploits, therefore the hack bot will reseed back to step one to find another site. http://www.exploit-db.com/

Step 3: Using the Exploit | Most likely the easiest step, using the exploit to do a preprogrammed task for bot usually copy the database information or deleting content on the website.

Of course, hack/exploit bot are much more complex then 3 steps and use many large algorithms for GLS and identifying WordPress versions or others CMS’s but hopefully this simplified procedure will give you an understanding of hack bots.

How to Protect Your Self for Hack Bots

The best way to protect websites from hack bots is too update any CMS and plugins on the site but also beware of the common exploits of websites in your programming so you can prevent them.

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